Tournament UMPL III - Finals [Won by Voltcrasher Miraidons]

S/o soon under this post
Nfe post soon
Won in 2 ggs
Mb for this miss g2
But if I lost g2 I will bring miraidon g3 so ….
Edit : finally Mirbro we have the best ratio tysm for let me play all this weeks goated nfe player and goated nfe teacher
Edit : ailleurs - josman best song
Same for the real slim lady eminem
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hello umers
first of all it's my 5th or 6th teamtour, and I'm still happy with my performance because each time I'm positive and this umpl confirms my pace in the tour teams
Time to s/o
Thank you so much Farce Of The Death and entrocefalo for trusting me by choosing me even though at the start of the competition I was almost unknown in sve nfe! ( best cap duo)
thank you so much to Mirbro for being very kind to let me play every other week when you could have literally said no, and sorry to have you steal the show because of that, and thank you for all the help in nfe that you provided, not sure that I would have gotten there without you (thanks to entro farce Lizardu'' and SpaceSpeakers for helping me a lot with the tie break test, it makes me very happy to see that you supported me a lot ) and ty elleapple and other who test whis me ;)
thanks to sleid for being very good at zu who always created a good atmosphere and was very nice!
thank you to all the zu players that I didn't have the chance to talk to but you were incredible! :meewheart:
thank you to the 1v1 squad which was awesome and incredible I'm sure you will go very far like the zu players!
thanks to zee for always knowing how to win the important games (thank you so much yuki for all the help and Fragments also in the final)
Congratulations to the ag squad who were also incredible bravo farce entro and Adhiraj8202 for being too strong!
Thank you or all the other subs who helped and encouraged us
And gz ting Lu vessel and jirachi for your great run
didn’t interact much with most of the team (19? goats) other than 1v1 slots so here we go
Darkrai Retribution ngl thought managers were hard trolling when they started u w1 but now ur the only one left undefeated in 1v1 u learned fast and clicked well ggs
cold illusions u should have went undefeated #rip
bea scientifically proven that having marshmelto + bea on ur team makes it impossible to lose a week , fun to have u on my team
delemon thanks for for all the 1v1 support and building almost every team for me u a real one
@ everyone else nice playing with u, I didn’t expect to win it all but here we are, sorry to the other 1v1 slots I prolly coulda helped more (Or, just built during finals) when I wasn’t playing but I was lacking the motivation

oh yeah thanks for drafting me Farce Of The Death
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Um I'm not good with words. I'll keep it short.
Grats to all the members of my team for winning the tour, and lot of thanks for working hard in prep, scout every week. Couldn't have asked for a better team squad. We went undefeated whole tour. You all are amazing.

Special S/O to yuki delemon for helping our team from day 1 to finals. Couldn't have done without your help. Thank you again. Appreciate it a lot.

S/o Theia for being an amazing host.
Starting things off, big shoutout to Jirachis. You guys had an amazing tour and should definitely be proud about it.

About my individual tour, I think I had a good tour. Went 2-1 overall, so that's fine. In the starting I wished that I got more chances to play, but I'm more than happy with what I could achieve with limited opportunities. I believe my role was more of helping with teambuilding and testing, for which I think I did a good job. Enough of that, we move to shoutouts!!

Starting off with Farce Of The Death and entrocefalo I can't thank you guys enough for drafting and trusting in me. Thank you once again. You both were amazing captains throughout the tour, kept me and the team ALWAYS motivated and supported us through hard times. On top of that, you had amazing individual performances too. Can't ask more from my managers.

Moving on to SV 1v1. cold illusions bea Darkrai Retribution Marshme1to You guys are absolutely goated. We guys went 15-3 in 1v1 overall. What more can I ask from you guys? Nothing. You guys also kept cheering the team whenever needed. It was fun seeing your goated 1v1 plays and talking to you. Wish we can team up in future tours as well.

SV NFE. Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂ Mirbro You guys made a goated duo. Both of you had amazing chemistry together, with each of you willing to give the other the chance to play. As everyone else, you kept cheering too. Had a great overall record of 6-3. In general, it was fun talking to you guys. And remember, you're goated Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂ , you're goated too Mirbro

We talk about SV ZU now. sleid Corthius TomatoZause Lizardu'' You guys were damn amazing. sleid you SLAYED past this tour. TomatoZause and Lizardu'' you guys had good performances too, don't worry that you guys didn't have the performances you expected. It's fine. It happens. Regardless, it was fun having you guys around and nice interacting with you. Corthius you didn't get an opportunity to play, but you were IMMENSE in helping us teambuild and tests. Hope I can team up with you guys in the future too.

SV 2v2. yuki zee you guys were damn amazing. Thanks for helping us throughout the tour yuki this would've never been possible without your support. zee you might've had a not-so-good start to the tour, but you clicked up big time in the end. A true clutch player. Was fun having you around.

That finishes the members for the 8 slots. Now, moving on to the teammates who due to unfortunate circumstances couldn't play but were the real deal!
We start things off with mitana and 0.5Mirror both of you guys were immense. Sure you guys couldn't get the opportunity, but your contribution was INVALUABLE. Helping us with ideas to build for AG, teamtesting and most of all, cheering the team. In the next tour you guys will surely get the opportunity to play and you will DELIVER. I'm sure. That being said, it was fun having you guys around.

SpaceSpeakers Absolute legend. You helped us test teams in almost EVERY tier. AG, NFE, ZU, and what not. You were immense. We could not have won this without you. Amazing cheerleader, couldn't have asked for more. You'll get the chance in your next team tour and you will SHINE.

Dockiva~~ Unfortunate that you didn't get time because of your university. But that's fine. You still kept cheering the team whenever needed. That Miraidon CA is gonna rock on you. Good luck with university bro.

JJ09LIE MrSoup You guys could not get opportunities, but as everyone else, you kept cheerleading the team whenever needed. Next tour you both will cook.

Moving onto our helpers, you guys had an immense role too. It wouldn't have been possible without you guys.
delemon THE GOAT of 1v1. You helped us so much throughout the tour. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again.

fish anemometer Let's not talk about the semi-finals incident... Regardless, you were of invaluable help for our ZU squad. Thank you.
Fragments Absolute legend with the predicts. Definitely ranked us #1 in the PR. Regardless, thanks for joining us in the finals and helping us. The help was certainly impactful. Also special thanks to boss cromagnet Thanks for joining us in the latter stages of the tour, your cheerleading was of great help.

Finally, a special shoutout to Agcl2 Ragib Thanks for helping me test teams throughout the tour bro, you're the true goat. Don't worry, you had an AMAZING tour. Next time I'm sure you will win the tour for sure. Wish I can team up with you in the future. Thanks again for helping. Love you bro

That was quite long enough I guess. But guess what, you have no other choice than to read it. Nevertheless, thank you teammates, cheerleaders, and helpers. This was my 2nd team tour overall and I'm so glad we came out victorious. This will forever be a memorable tour for me. Thanks again everyone. Love you guys.

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